Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shiva Time

Well, I've been neglecting my blog and my bird, but I'm getting around to both right now. Shiva is a peach-faced lovebird that is smaller than a common sparrow, but has the strength of ten because her heart is evil. Right now, between giving me kisses, she's stalking the Rottweiler. Talk about delusions of grandeur.
32. The Grenadillo Box by Janet Gleeson. This was a Group Book Read over on goodreads, and I ordered it from a dealer on Amazon on Jan. 16. Plenty of time to read it the first of February, I thought. But it took until Feb. 13 to get here, so I am behind. This is a mystery set in the 1700's, wrapped around the historical person of Thomas Chippendale, the famous furniture maker from London. It is written in fairly uneven first person, Hopson veering from brilliant deductions to cowardly churlishness.
33. The Honor of the Queen by David Weber. Honor's continuing adventures, covering herself with glory and fame, and losing herself an eye and half a face.
34. The Short Victorious Style by David Weber. Honor continues, finding revenge against her old enemy and true love, but the story is swamped under multi-tons of details: laser impellers grasers...everything but dilithium crystals. Meh.
35. Dog Days by John Levitt. This first novel has some interesting characters, but I've seen them before. The protagonist, a Harry Dresden look-alike, is a talented "practitioner" of magic, but a lone wolf, messy and slovenly, but comes in when it counts, albeit gathering his fair share of blood and damage. It ends in a predictable "oh my what will I do with my life now" set up for the sequel.

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