Sunday, March 16, 2008

I hate my sinuses

So I have this sinus/cold/flu thing that's a real pain, and I've spent the weekend lying around grouching and whining. And reading. There's something about fever and congestion that puts me into this zone, where I can devour books without even slowing down. But first, a meme.
What I Was Doing 10 Years Ago: Working as the educational director for our local children's museum. Thought it would be an ideal job. Not so much because of the hip-deep politics.
5 Things On My To-Do List Today: Blow my nose, groan, cough, sneeze....and do some laundry. Not a lot of laundry. Just some.
Snacks I Enjoy: Chocolate, ice cream, tapioca, cheese sticks, Cadbury eggs
Things I Would Do If I Were A Billionaire:Build a super-duper school for my Christian school, buy a farm out somewhere where I could have any darn animal I wanted (llama), make sure my kids have all the money to go to any college they want, travel the world
3 of My Bad Habits: procrastination, soft heart for any stray animals, rebelliousness
5 Places I Have Lived: I've only lived in four homes, in two cities, both in central Illinois.
5 Jobs I've Had: teacher, professional storyteller, babysitter, jewelry maker, busker

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