Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quick and Dirty

All right, I don't feel like giving you all a synopsis of all the books I've been reading, since I've just taken 2 Benadryl for this incipient cold, and my mental faculties are draining away.... So, to the list:
40. The Silent Tower by Barbara Hambly
41. The Silicon Mage by Barbara Hambly
42. The Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly
43. The Ladies of Mandrigyn by Barbara Hambly
44. Island in the Sea of Time by S. M. Stirling
45. The Sky People by S. M. Stirling
46. The Lost Fleet: Dauntless by Jack Campbell
47. Somebody Else's Kids by Torey Hayden
48. Beautiful Child by Torey Hayden
49. One Child by Torey Hayden
50. Five Past Midnight by James Thayer
51. The Servant Problem by Robert J. Young
Unspecialist bby Murray F. Yaco
The Infra-Medians by Sewell Peaslee Wright
The last one consists of novella or short chapter stories from old Amazing magazines and the like read from


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