Thursday, May 24, 2007

ABC Meme

Well, I'm counting the "you" from Barb at anewchelseamorning as being ME!! So, here we go....

A: attached or single? As attached as you can get -- 19 years this July, and I depend on David more and more. Love ya, Babe!

B: best friend? Well, probably my hubby .... but I've had some great ones over the years : Roxanne, Pam...

C: cake or pie? Definitely cake...pie is so-so. Cherry pie if necessary, and then scrape all the gooey goodness out of the middle.

D: drink of choice? Up to about two months ago, it was milk....sigh....but since they banned it for me because of my RA, I guess it would be orange juice and cranberry juice (mixed together).

E: essential item? BOOKS! MUST HAVE BOOKS!!!! Oh, and Vicodin.

F: favorite color? Red

G: gummi bears or worms? Assuming they meant gummi worms, actually....neither. After I threw up a pound or so of them in high school, they sort have lost their attraction.

H: hometown? Decatur


J: January or February? February -- Valentine's Day!!

K: kids? Yep. Three of them. Oldest: Katie (will be turning 17 soon) Middle child: Sarah (14 today, baby!) Youngest: Jon (12 1/2 and going on stud muffin)

L: Life is incomplete without __________? BOOKS! and CHOCOLATE!

M: marriage date? July 2, 1988

N: number of siblings? Biological: 3 Adopted : 4

O: oranges or apples? can get some really nasty smushy tasteless apples.

P: phobias? HEIGHTS!!! CLOSED-IN SPACES!!!!!! PEOPLE BREATHING MY AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: favorite quote? Anything that has been written down by the genius Terry Pratchett. I want to be Susan when I grow up, so I can TALK IN CAPITAL LETTERS WHEN I AM CHANNELING MY GRANDFATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R: reasons to smile? My classes at school: Hannah Woollard and her blonde crew in 7th grade, my wild man Owen, my mad scientist Connor....
My dogs and my cats

S: season? Fall, definitely, and winter. I love cold weather.

T: tag three? Okay, you, and you, and you over there in the green shirt.

U: unknown fact about me? ummmmmmmmm....I tend to share pretty much everything and anything............ I had my tonsils out when I was 2??

V: vegetarian or oppressor of animals? definitely oppressing animals. I've butchered my own chickens, pigs, etc. I will oppress a big thick juicy rare steak at any moment!

W: worst habit? procrastination. I'll tell you about it later.

X-rays or ultrasounds? I've had both, plus lately CAT scans, PET scans... everything they can think of.

Y: your favorite food? Wow. chocolate. pasta. meat. chocolate. raisins.

Z: zodiac? I am a capricorn, but I don't ever read a horoscope. God plans my future, thank you very much.

Thanks for reading along!


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Rayzor said...

Wow... Im not a reason you smile? Or am I the cause of gray hairs?