Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day after Surgery

Well, contrary to all expectations, the minute I was semi-alert, they let me go home from the hospital. The ride home was horrific, to say the least. Instead of a horizontal incision, the surgeon made a vertical one, about 4 inches long, starting right under my breast bone. This morning I was supposed to remove the dressing, so I remembered the tip the nurses told me after my hysterectomy : get in the shower and get the dressing wet with warm water. It does peel off very easy then. Now I just have butterfly strips and dissolvable stitches holding me together.
Coughing is a nightmare, as is turning over in bed. You really don't realize how much your abdominal muscles move until you have surgery like this. Of course, everyone has been petrified that Grace, our 50-lb. Rottie/pit mix, will jump up on me, so everyone yells at the poor thing everytime she moves. The cats have been in heaven, and I usually have to shove one of them off of me everytime I try to move in bed.
I have an appointment with Dr. V next Tuesday, which I guess will be the reveal of what type I have, and when I start treatment. Please keep praying that I can hang on and heal quickly.

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Rayzor said...

Wow... I cant imagine your house with anyone being still. And yes, I know kind of what your abs feel like. (Too much lifting... stupid machine) A guy has to get a six pack somehow though, right? Anyway, I hope that your appointment goes well!