Saturday, September 1, 2007

One week down...

Well, it's Saturday. Which means I made it through a whole week of teaching, and only one week post-chemo! It was rougher than I thought it would be, and I spent Wednesday shaking like a leaf. Every day I pretty much came home and climbed into bed to recover for a few hours. To make matters more difficult, D had to go out of town on business for Monday - Thursday, so I got to deal with all the kid stuff myself. Not that our kids are bad -- they're wonderful, but sometimes they got a little giggly and wild, and my nerves were too frayed to be patient. AND the oven decided to blow a fuse Wednesday night! (Why is it that everything waits for your husband to leave before it malfunctions????)
Please pray for our principal -- she's really struggling with some blood issues, and I know she's very tired. Waiting for tests and results can be frustrating, and she really holds the school together. My role model!
The most exciting thing I have planned for this holiday weekend is our local library book sale -- they say they're selling 30,000 books!! You pay $5.00 for all the books you can pack in a paper grocery sack! Can you tell I'm a total book lover?? goes on, and God is good! He bore me up this week when my feet (and my mind) faltered.

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