Friday, June 1, 2007

Gotta Get Ready

Well, I was back at school today for about 5 minutes, saying hello to lots of people, picking up the kids' report cards, and signing my contract. Woohoo! I have a job!! I asked about my schedule, and most of it is old stuff: 7th Science, 6th Science, 9th English, 8th English, and...German two days a week/Drama two days a week.
So lots to do and prepare to make drama into a curriculum, with assignments and etc. I will be doing German Bible verses, but I promise they'll be short (Jesus wept. :) ) After all, the Bible was first printed in Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha! Let's see the Spanish teacher keep up with that! Just kidding, Krista.
Jon's going to be doing Jam in the Park this summer, carrying his monster instrument around. Snigger. I'll have some time to sit in the park and read. Wondrousness.

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