Friday, June 29, 2007

Doctor Check In

This morning I went back to the doctor for a blood draw to check on my red/white blood cells and platelets. Right now should be the lowest point since chemo a week ago, but God continues to bless, and my levels were very good, only a little anemic. I have a week to go before the schedule says my hair comes out, and I bought fabric for three "do-rags" today. One red/white/blue (I hope I feel well enough to go to the Smiths' annual 4th parade), one lime green and lilac, and one with FLAMES!!! Yes!!! Okay, D will only let me wear that one at home probably, but I have to express my inner rebel.
S is going to a girls' purity conference tonight and tomorrow. I just dropped her off. I hope she enjoys it. I'm sure she will once she relaxes, but she winds herself up so tight that she about has a stroke whenever she's trying something new. K heads off for a mission/work trip tomorrow, so for a space of a few hours, we will be girl-free.
On Monday is our 19th anniversary, and we are headed out for steak. I am craving red meat, barely cooked, still mooing, chunk of flesh. I'll put the potato, etc. in a doggie bag probably because I still can't eat too much at once or I get major acid reflux, but I am looking forward to gnawing on MEAT. I've eaten so much fruit this week I feel like Chiquita Banana. I know, the advice is to eat lots and lots of fruit and veggies, but I make a lousy vegetarian.

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