Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Okay, five days from chemo....

After five days, the drugs are finally beginning to wear off. The worst was the prednisone they gave me, which made me a quivering, focusless mess. I know it was supposed to suppress reactions, but it makes me nuts. The compazine they gave me to keep the nausea down made my eyes so blurry I couldn't read or watch TV without massive headaches. Right now, I'm dealing with acid reflux from everything I eat, and menopausal sweating and shaking. Jeez. Oh, and the predisone means I'm not sleeping. Not able to really concentrate on anything else, just not sleeping. Zombie-eyed, shuffling, moaning...pretty much dawn of the dead stuff.
Just today I've been able to pull it together enough to go to Sam's and buy large amounts of grapes and Naked juice, and cross-stitch a little. Pretty pathetic, when the most I can handle is grocery shopping. So, those of you with chemo experience, how do you handle the heartburn and discomfort when you eat?
I have a pattern cut out for a double sided chemo do-rag...trying to get ready for when my hair falls out in a week and a half, according to their schedule. I'll start with this soft French blue, something innocuous to start with, before I become rebellious.

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