Friday, January 25, 2008

ickiness and fluff

I have a miserable cold, and resorted to light-hearted fluff to soothe my congested brain cells. Eighteen, nineteen, and twenty are the last three books in Katie McAlister's Guardian series: Fire Me Up, Light My Fire, and Holy Smokes. These are the ups-and-downs of a Guardian (who guard the portals to hell) who accidentally becomes the mate of a wyvern (half human, half dragon), a demon lord (to a minor sprite who isn't evil, just annoying), and a problem solver to the paranormal community. Lots of steaming kisses, etc.
Twenty-one is Terry Pratchett's Making Money. Here we rejoin Moist von Lipwig, bored from his success with the Post Office and sort-of ready for a new challenge: banking. Don't worry if you are like me and think economics and interest rates are right at the top of the ho-hum scale -- you will learn no actual banking reading this book. It was really quite good, despite only one tiny appearance by DEATH, and very little Watchmen or Commander Vimes. Vetinari loses his beloved Wuffles but gains a new canine companion, which by the description is a pug. They feed it sticky toffee a lot and laugh hysterically at its attempts to eat it.
And yes, that means I have read 1416 pages in the last two days. That's what happens when I'm sick.

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