Monday, January 7, 2008

More Books....

To continue with the book deliciousness, I received Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. This is a very unusual book, detailing the story of Jacob Jankowski's life. It is told in flashbacks between his present (he's 90 or 93, he doesn't remember which) and his past (college age). I usually don't like "flashback" books because it tends to break you out of the flow of the story, but this was done very well. After the death of his parents in a car wreck, he wanders away from vet college, and ends up on a circus train, first helping to clean out animals, then when his vet knowledge is discovered, caring for the animals. There is one or two scenes that were not necessary in my opinion as far as sexuality goes, but he discovers the loves of his life: circus and Marlena. He struggles against against a psychopathic manager who beats his wife and any animal who crosses him. I won't tell you the ending, but it was a very satisfying twist.

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