Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roma Sub Rosa

I finished number 10! Steven Saylor's A Mist of Prophecies, which features Gordanius the Finder, which is his version of a Roman detective. This comes toward the end of his life, where the other books in the series that I have read are earlier. This books do teach you a lot about Roman culture, history, and politics, this time set in the period where Caesar and Pompey are battling it out. One gripe I have is that half the characters in the book (most of them historical) are named something beginning with C : Cassandra (the doomed seeress who was really Caesar's spy), Clodia, Clodius, Cicero, Caelius (the mutineer who tries to get Rome to revolt against Caesar), Cleopatra, Catullus....pick another letter, people!! By the end of the book, as Gordanius solves the riddle of Cassandra's poisoning, his beloved wife Bethsaida is wasting away of an undetermined illness. My guess would be lead poisoning...maybe....

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