Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rincewind and the Librarian

Number 11 is Terry Pratchett's Sourcery, a fine addition to the carefully hoarded store of other Pratchett loveliness I (and K) own. I did hear just before Christmas that he had had a minor stroke, which was a signal of an early form of Alzheimer's. How terrible to have such a brilliant genius for writing and be losing your memory!
Anyway, Rincewind has never been my favorite protagonist among the Discworld's inhabitants. I may have said before in this blog that Susan is whom I want to be when I grow up. She is the perfect epitome of a teacher! Rincewind's only impulse in any situation is to run away. Fast. However, the Luggage is usually a great sidekick, stealing the show. In this one, however, the Luggage gets short shrift, only wandering on scene now and then. We do get to see the daughter of Cohen the Barbarian, who has inherited none of her father's looks (whew) and all of his knife-sharp instincts. And of course, the Librarian, the most expressive character to ever exist on Discworld to only speak in "ooook" and "eeeeek". Somehow we know exactly what his banana-obsessed brain is cooking up.
Coin, the "sourceror" in the story, is rather flat, and at the end, seems to just fall off the pages. Not really an ending except in the fact that the Librarian has saved the world and everything is just as it was , and should be.

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